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Professional stump removal

Don't worry about your yard becoming a mess - we always perform jobs professionally, leaving zero to minimal lawn damage.

Ask for a discount - we give senior citizen discounts upon request



Licensed Tree Removal

Don't trust an amateur to do what the professionals are licensed to do - at Mayo Tree Company of Proctorville, OH, all our workers are insured; therefore, you can rest assured that we'll take care

of your tree removal with care.


You can contact us to have all sizes and types of trees removed from your property, including deadwoods. You'll be getting service from workers who specialize in all types of trees, and they are knowledgeable about safe practices for tree removal. Your yard will be looking great again in no time!

Does your yard have an inconvenient stump in the way of your landscaping? Let us take care of it.


Whether the stump in your yard is from one of our tree removals or a tree removal done by someone else, our workers will assess the situation and take care of the stump in good time - you'll have no more stumbling blocks standing in your way!

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